What is the How’s It Network?

It all began as a crazy idea for a project to scratch my own itch. From what I’ve learned over the years, it’s very difficult to keep interest in a project if it isn’t fun. I’ve also realized that I don’t consume things as intensely as some people do. I guess you could say I dabble. Some examples:

I write things. But not novels.
I play music. But nowhere near professionally.
I love sports. But I’m admittedly a bandwagon fan.
I research things. Maybe this one a bit more than others.
I play video games. But not every new release.
And the list goes on…

In any of these areas individually, I find it difficult to associate with the “hardcore” crowd. Now don’t get me wrong, niche audiences are fantastic. I admire the passion that people have for their favorite things. And it definitely makes it easier to find a home on the internet. 

“How’s It”, short for “How’s it going” is a common greeting in Hawaii (and also in South Africa as I am learning). It rolls off the tongue (pronounced: howzit) and needs no reply. It’s indicative of the Aloha spirit and welcoming culture that I associate with.

But enough about me… Let’s talk about you
You don’t have to be a published author.
Or a YouTube musician
Or a sports fanatic
Or a dark-web searcher
Or a hardcore gamer…

But if you like to hang out with close friends and have engage in awesome discussion about all sorts of interesting things, then the How’s It Network might just be for you.

Maybe we’ll play games. Maybe we’ll watch videos. Maybe we’ll just listen to each other. I’m not sure where this journey will go but the destination won’t matter if we’re having a great time. I hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store.

Thanks for checking us out!

And until next time, just remember…

It’s not goodbye, ‘cuz I’ll see you later.


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