Amazon Prime

If YOU want to support our productions without spending a single dime you can through your existing Amazon Prime account! We’ve put together a quick tutorial on how exactly to do so:

1. Make sure you’re signed-in to your Amazon Prime account.

2. Head over to the launch page for Twitch Prime

3. Click on “Link your Twitch Account”

4. Select your country of residence then click “Continue”

5. Create a Twitch account, or sign-in to your existing account!

6. Confirm as necessary and CONGRATULATIONS you’ve got Twitch Prime!

7. Head over to our Twitch Channel Page and click the “Subscribe” Button in the upper-right of the page.

7. Click the “Subscribe Free” button in the drop-down menu.

8. OPTIONAL: You can renew this FREE subscription every 30 days but Twitch does not notify you of this. If you would like to receive a friendly e-mail reminder to renew your subscription, you can join our Mailing List through the link supplied or button below.

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